WPBrigade 13th Birthday , WPBrigade 13th Anniversary

WPBrigade Celebrates 13th Birthday

Sowing the seeds of the WPBrigade back in 2007 was unexpected but it all began with the freelancing platform rentacoder.com, where the founder of the company Mr. Adnan placed his first bid to never look back to local projects but preferred working with international clients. No doubt, the establishment of the WPBrigade is epitome of the phrase ‘It All Started With A Dream’. The passion of programming and coding all piled up to fabricate a team of enthusiasts ‘the Software developers’ who were masters in their field so they contributed their productive role in the mission of the company of turning imaginations into reality over the internet.


WordCamp Karachi 2018


WordCamp Islamabad 2019

In January, 2021 WPBrigade is accomplishing the 13 years of celebrated moments of producing excellent WordPress Development Services to overseas clients and designing fecund WordPress plugins for hundreds of thousands  of people all over the globe. Among which some doting and ever-loved are LoginPress, Analytify, Simple Social Buttons and Related Post Thumbnails which have all time downloads in numbers like 1.4M+, 800K+, 750K+ and approx 600K in the order given. Undergoing persistent advancement and feature-improving cycle the plugins never fail to impress the new and old users attaining 100,000+, 70,000+ and 40,000+ active installations of LoginPress, Analytify, Simple Social Buttons and Related Post Thumbnails respectively. From mere blog owners to online store owners, the WPBrigade has successfully provided the services and plugins to ease the lives of digital enthusiasts all these years.

If truth be told, the whole journey of setting this one of it’s kind Software house and WordPress agency in small town Sialkot was not easy at all. Appearing as a small company from a personal drawing room at home of Mr. Adnan, the founder and Mr. Irfan, the co-founder, this Software house has made up a team of 20+ people who work for full-day in office and remotely according to their conveniences. However the company is now expanding in terms of the work space, the team and the services. Even though the pandemic started in 2020 has disturbed the plans but failed to crash the motivation level of the whole team. 

Adaptation of 100% online format and working from home model last year in 2020 during the complete lockdown in country has allowed the team not to shut the work and it helped WPBrigade to keep functioning without sacking a single employee, on the contrary, new members were hired so the company could grow and polish people having skills in the relative field. Altogether the company has braced innumerable dares of talent hunting in Sialkot city, enrolling skilled people, introducing cultural change within the organization, setting practical policies without gender discriminations, setting the perfect environment for peers of different expertise to work without disturbances and even now the company is all set to expand in terms of finding masterly pillars for the company.

Prize Distribution Ceremony at Mangla Water Resort
WPBrigade Team at Mangla Water Resort

At the moment WPBrigade owns 14 active plugins, all WordPress friendly among which few have hundreds of thousands of users attached with it for more than 5 years. And it’s all by dint of the improvement and advancement in terms of introducing exciting features and noting the suggestions of users are not taken for granted by the developers team following the vision of their Captain. Notwithstanding the challenges resulted due to unprecedented period of Covid-19, New Version 1.1.0 of UCMM, Premium Version 2.5.0 of Loginpress and Free Version 1.5.0 and acceded a well-designed Login Customizer plugin with 80k active installs in the WPBrigade family. And if we talk about the WordPress services, the company has crowned 50+ international projects among which the unforgettable are: the one where we had to migrate a sitecore project to WordPress with WooCommerce, the project is about to roll within 2021  and another was where we had to convert two multisite projects back to single sites.

To keep moving in the race of productivity the developer team of each product is working hard and since LoginPress 3.0 and Analytify 4.0 is going to be released within 2021. And active installations of LoginPress are expected to jump up to 200,000+ and the team is aimed to be two folded within a year. The whole journey of WPBrigade seems like a magical safari stemmed with a dream to build a bunch of Software professionals and it has now taken a shape of meal-ticket for dozens of families in Sialkot grating talented people to work in their hometown. As this is just the beginning of advancing our ambition to make our land proud in the online world targeting the computer science field. 

CEO Adnan at WordCamp Miami

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