WPBrigade year 2020 Achievements and updates

WPBrigade 2020 Year in Review: Reflections and Updates

In the hours when the world’s situation has changed physically and economically in 2020, this year the WPBrigade has learned and grown facing a lot of obstacles from complete lockdown to working remotely. But accepting the change in work dynamics, the team kept working to prove the positivity and willpower for settling the objectives of the year. 

During the lockdown, the team was not stopped to work over the total 14 plugins keeping in mind their advancement in terms of introducing new versions and confounding features, as the 100% online format was adapted by the WPBrigade team as working from home was the option to survive in the race. Among the WPBrigade’s most loved plugins LoginPress upheaved 1.4+ million all-time downloads with 100,000+ active installations at WordPress 5.6 by virtue of great hard work by our Products Team and the developers presenting Premium Version 2.5.0 of LoginPress and Free Version 1.5.0 and Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by Analytify hit 70k+ active installation.  Without losing the energy the developer team of each product is working hard and in the coming year, LoginPress 3.0 and Analytify 4.0 version is going to be released. 

It should be noted that the team worked every day to be the epitome of assertiveness even in the unprecedented period resulted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping all the passion and focus on the development of the plugins, the team did not miss out the aligned goals i.e. making all the plugins compatible with WordPress 5.6 advancing their versions, and introducing convincing features. WordPress Headers and Footers released perfectly compatible with WordPress 5.6. In the thick of gleeful and proud time, the unnoted ones are the celebrating moments when Simple Social Buttons and  Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin landed up at 40k+ active installations owing to its advanced version 1.8.3 with option to disable the related posts on mobile, New Version 1.1.0 of UCMM and sustaining 500+, 5-star reviews for LoginPress at WordPress.org. 

The most positive thing that has happened to the WPBrigade is its adaptation of organizational culture, hence it seemed tough as it always involves changing the practices, sets of goals, values, communication, and attitudes leading a whole team with right management tools. To freshen up the minds, WPBrigade organized a field trip to Rohtas Fort and Mangla Dam and it turned out very fruitful for the whole lot, as from celebrating the little achievements, birthdays, trips, and tours and recognizing the efforts of the team by rewarding certificates, it all boosted the productivity and positive competition within the team members.

WPBrigade 2020 Year Updates and Achievements, WPBrigade 2020 Year Updates
Prize and Certificate Distribution at Mangla Water Resort


The software-house cum company is now growing with a constructive approach adding up the best tech professionals for a lot more to do in 2021! To find the available posts please check the given links for a full-time job in Sialkot offering attractive salary packages

Rozee. pk: https://www.rozee.pk/company/wpbrigade

Indeed: https://www.indeedjobs.com/wpbrigade/_hl/en_PK

For more information and direct contact, you can also check the company’s Social Profiles and WPBrigade’s direct platform.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WPBrigade 

Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/13257461/   

WPBrigade 2020 Year Updates and Achievements, WPBrigade 2020 Year Updates
WPBrigade Team

Active installations of LoginPress are expected to rise up to 200,000+, this is what pushes the team to keep moving ahead. With the completion of 50+ international projects, improvising the well-designed plugins acquired Login Customizer plugin with 80k active installs and will continue to maintain the plugin in 2021. In the number of notable projects, one was where we had to migrate a Sitecore project to WordPress with WooCommerce. The project is still going on and will be launched in early 2021. Another was where we had to convert two multisite projects back to single sites.

All in all, the company has embraced a lot of positive things, hired new skilled and talented peers despite kicking out the employees opposing the world culture that triggered unemployment for many.  WPBrigade is ready for a new and high-yielding journey in the technology market accolading being part of Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and keep working over Company’s mantra of turning the ideas into reality on the internet. 

Annual Party 2020

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