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WPBrigade’ 2021 Year In Review: All The Updates

Following the 2020’s unpredictable events and chaos spread by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 year had begun with lots of hope and positivity everywhere. Surprisingly it went much better than last year freeing people out of strict lockdowns to continue the track of normal life. As the COVID-19 vaccine holds out hopes of ending the infinite questions i.e. Are we going to the workplaces again? What about the school life of kids? Will there be any social life? All these grappling questions are still at the nerves of many as businesses and life require time to catch the pace of normal life.

WPBrigade itself has beaten many challenges and struggles to cope with the new business revolutions in 2021. Whether it was normalizing the team to accept new patterns and policies or keep performing in a hybrid workplace model. Alongside comes the amazing part that the team and the company have grown stronger than the previous times. We will be talking about it here so the memories do not fade!

In 2021, as pronounced the team of WPBrigade has expanded in numbers. No matter if it’s frontend or backend force, the tireless process of exams and internships has brought new talent within the organization. Keeping the stretch in mind, the management has functioned excellently to advance the internal systems and working patterns. Nevertheless, it was scheduling and acting upon roadmaps, adapting daily standups, or documenting the inches of each project. It all smoothed the running and outcome of assigned tasks turning into successful projects up to 50. Additionally, a contributory workshop was hosted to talk about the ‘Evolution of Web Development.’ On the whole, it went well for the team and guests invited from other Software houses.

Workshop at WPBrigade

Aside from the projects from all over the world, the development team has worked on the very products of WPBrigade. From enhancing to introducing the features, the plugin updates have been consistent to alleviate the experience of the users. At the present time, the team is working on LoginPress 3.0 in which a new mechanism of the Add-Ons is put in place. It is going to be riveting reform in the history of the plugin as it has already jumped to 200K last year pushing the development team to plan and execute notable staging about the other plugins.

LoginPress 200K Celebration

Other than the perpetual work, WPBrigade hosted the trip to MushkPuri Top as a pleasing gesture to the team. Last year has been very amazing and accommodating in terms of learning and excelling for the WPBrigade and its team. To celebrate and alleviate the performances and commitments, this trip to the Northern area will be dear to the company and team itself. From breakfast at Dunga Gali near Nathiagali to Hiking towards MushkPuri Top, it was a memorable tour, grabbing the natural beauty, peace, and relationship-building moments. Additionally, the team never misses out on Birthday celebrations and opportunistic  Samosa Parties so the aura of morale-boosting stays intact.

WPBrigade Celebrations & Meetups

The year has ended wrapping all the great and down moments giving lessons to improve and excel in the coming time. We all wish our readers a Happy New year! For the new journey of learnings and lessons. And WPBrigade believes in growth and expansion, so we are always looking for talented tech Brigadiers for our ever-growing team.

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