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5+ Free Genesis Child Themes You Can’t Ignore

According to What WordPress Theme Is That, Genesis Framework was found on more than 8.86% of their searches, higher than Thesis and other popular themes from ThemeForest. I hope you can get the idea of how powerful this framework is right now. Many website owners are thinking about switching to it and you could be one of them. Here, we will discuss 5+ free genesis child themes that you can’t igonore.


The framework itself is already awesome StudioPress also has many amazing child themes ready to work on the latest version of Genesis Framework. However, the average price per theme is around $30-$40 and $100 for first-time buyers. I know, it cost too much especially for a person who just started making a blog. So, to help you save as much money as possible we have more than 5 custom child themes available for free right now that you should know about. I used the term “custom” because these are not themes created by StudioPress but instead, they were built by 3rd party or bloggers online.

What are these free Genesis child themes have in common?

  1. Support Genesis 2.0+
  2. Built-in SEO
  3. Easy to Customize
  4. Free for use
  5. Understandable Coding
  6. Responsive
  7. And many more

Let’s dive into the list of Genesis Child Themes!

Bootstrap Genesis

Bootstrap Genesis by salcode (Sal Ferrarello) is a child theme that uses Bootstrap, Sass, and Grunt. You can use this theme as a starter theme to build your own new one or just quickly edit it.



If you are a writer whose focus is making reading content  nothing else. Then SpringClean is the right theme for you. It has only 1 column (no sidebar) and a footer. Perfectly for those who don’t like fancy or complicated themes.



Just like SpringClean, Center is a child theme for Genesis that only have one-column but a completely different design. It has a grayish color as a background, darker color around the entry content, menu, footer, etc.


engage for genesis

Engage is a twitter-like theme for WordPress created by Eli Overbey. Just like the new timeline design that official Twitter released, it has 3 columns, light background, and a giant image below the header.

Genesis Sandbox

Genesis Sandbox is the right starter theme for beginners or even developers who wanted to make their own child theme. Users can use it to just test what’s in it, create a premium theme, or use it on the customer’s website. Here are the key features:

-Responsive Grid
-Smooth Scrolling
-Custom Footer
-New Menu Locations
-Tons of snippets
-Twitter Bootstrap
-Modernizr, HTML5

Creative Pro


Are you a freelancer and looking for a nice portfolio theme? Creative Pro by WPSpeak is the unique one you have to see. Unlike many other WordPress blogging magazine themes, this one purposely designed to help you show off your work and capture future clients.


That’s all folks. I hope that you already have one in mind and ready to kick off your project with one of these free child themes for Genesis. And one thing is must that if the speed of website is in priority then genesis WordPress themes must not be taken for granted.  If you want to look for more before settling down to a final theme, I suggest you go on Github. Their directory has helped me completed this list.

11 thoughts on “5+ Free Genesis Child Themes You Can’t Ignore”

  1. Thanks for providing the list of free genesis child themes. I tested all of the above and found some good stuff. I also got some new theme from Github. But some themes are needed sccs compiler so I droped them from my listing.

  2. Hi author,

    I have recently purchased Genesis and made my own custom child theme for Genesis to use for my blog.

    I’ve decided to release this theme for free so more people can use it.

    Please take a look at its features, and if you like it, it would be great if you can add it to your list of free child themes.

    Also, any productive user feedback is welcome.

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