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How to Start your own Hosting Business with WordPress

Who doesn’t want to make a lot of money? The way that I’m doing it is through online blogging, I would join the affiliate program from many trusted services, do website installation, and many more. It’s fine if you can’t blog because you can also do other things online to make money such as creating your own hosting business.


Doesn’t that sound cool and exciting to you? Running a business in real life is hard and frustrating because you have to rent an office, hire people, stay focus, and it also comes with a lot of responsibility. However, starting your own online Hosting service wouldn’t be the same as that. I’m not saying that you don’t have to do any work but still make thousands of dollars monthly. Of course, it will require you to spend some money out of your pocket first before taking it back in, provide support to non-technical customers, and really focus on marketing.

Are you ready? Let’s go…

1. Gathering Ideas & Make a Plan

So you know that you want to have a Hosting business, but that isn’t enough. Come up with ideas for things like business name, how many people are going to be working with you, will there be any additional services you will provide besides web hosting i.e selling domains, web design, etc.

Marketing is a huge deal when starting a Hosting business especially when you came in late. There are so many companies out there that are doing what you are about to start so you have to think of many ways to attract customer’s attention and give them reasons why they should buy your products.

You need to know a little more…

  • Pricing and Plans
  • How would you support your customers? Via phone calls, email, or 24/7 live chat?
  • Sign up for Google Adwords and other advertising networks to get more customers across the globe.
  • Choose your own billing software (Clientexec or WHMCS), payment gateway (Paypal, Credit Card), and support system

2. Buying a VPS or Reseller Hosting




There is no need to go buy your own dedicated server and spend time to set it up. Just simply grab a Reseller or VPS package from the A2Hosting Reseller program, shared hosting wouldn’t work in this case. I highly recommend you to try them out because they provide client and billing software for free, an SSD server that could improve the speed by 300%, unlimited client accounts, free site transfer, control over DNS, and many other “free” features that could cost a lot of money. You also have the ability to set the amount of money on different packages.

3. WordPress Hosting Theme

Since we’re going to build a hosting company with WordPress, there is a bunch of pre-built WordPress hosting themes out there that you can use and the good part is that most of them are integrable with WHMCS. Check out some of the good-looking themes for hosting websites from ThemeForest below.



Hostme v2

4. Put everything together

The last step would be putting all the pieces together. Up to this point, you should already have many ideas and plans on how to grow the company, a Reseller server, and a professional WordPress hosting theme. Those items should sum up and help you start your own Hosting business online from home or wherever you choose to stay at.

Always keep in mind that customer service and high-quality hosting is the key to success. Ensure to use as many advertising programs as you can to find new customers. Here are some good Ad networks to join:

  • Promoted tweets from Twitter a.k.a Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Forum posting

I hope that this tutorial could help you start a successful hosting company. Don’t forget to let me know what you think about it and share the post.

One thought on “How to Start your own Hosting Business with WordPress”

  1. I’m agree with starting business by creating self-hosted website first (although you have a plan to run business in the real life then). Besides it’s more efficient than open the real shop, we can also test the market whether there is demand or not.

    Thanks for sharing.

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