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How to Convert From Container to Column In WordPress

Do you feel your WordPress website needs to be updated and more inspired?

In 2023, approximately 810 million websites are using WordPress, which is about 43% of all websites out there. The number is growing quickly, which means it’s important to keep your WordPress site up to date. One way to do that is by changing your website’s layout from a container style to a column style.

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gravity forms plugin. Gravity Forms in WordPress

What is Gravity forms plugin and how to use it?

Often a designer is required to design a WordPress form and a developer is required to add the required functionality.

Well, now you don’t need any designer or a developer for these things. Use the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin and you can create the WordPress forms easily.

You can select any type of validation for each of the form fields.
Gravity forms provide a quick and easy way to integrate with a variety of third-party services such as PayPal and provide even
deeper integration with WordPress through a collection of optional Add-Ons.

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How To Translate a WordPress Plugin Into your Local Language

How To Translate a WordPress Plugin Into your Local Language

As you already know that WordPress is an open-source platform and it is translated into many languages by different contributors. Most plugins are already translated into different languages. But if you find a plugin that is not already translated into your local language, you can translate that plugin yourself. You don’t need to be technical in order to translate a WordPress plugin into your own language.

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How to create Facebook App and get App ID and secret

How to create Facebook App and get App ID and secret?

Creating a Facebook App is no rocket science but it just needs clean steps to follow. Before we begin the suggested steps  to create a Facebook app, the reason must be vivid. Facebook Application ID is used to integrate  with the Social Media Sharing feature and  Facebook login integration on the website, which is usually recommended for protecting the sensitive information keeping intact.

It is because the moment a a Facebook App  is created that  app will have an App ID and an App Secret. Then the  the App ID  is utilized to  send several requests to Facebook for data. And The Facebook App Secret gets enable to decode the encrypted messages from Facebook. 

So here we can dive into the easy steps for creating Facebook App Id And Get App ID And Secret.

Step 1

Go to the Facebook Developers section and login into your Facebook account, if you are not logged in already. This should not be your business account.

Facebook AP ID and Secret Key

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Privacy Policy

Add Privacy Policy Checkbox in Registration Form

By default, the user registration for WordPress is off. Once you enable it, you’ll find it doesn’t let you gather much information from users when they first register on your site. It has basic fields, including Username or Email Address and Password

Custom fields empower you to get extra information from your users, such as an address or phone number, or ask them to accept your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, etc.

Important: The WordPress Checkboxes or checkboxes at any website are legal, as clicking on a checkbox is urging a signature on a written contract.

Here we’ll explain how to add the custom field “Privacy Policy” in the WordPress registration form with custom coding. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Let’s get started!

Enable WordPress Registration Form

Note: We assume you’ve already enabled the WordPress registration form.

If not, simply go to the left sidebar of the admin dashboard, navigate to Settings, and click the General option.

General Settings

The General Settings screen will open up. Scroll down a bit, and tick mark the Membership checkbox. 

Membership Checkbox

When you are done, scroll done and click on the Save Changes button to save the settings. 

Now you can see the registration link on your login page:

Register Button

Adding Custom Field  “Privacy Policy” on the Registration Form 

Here are going to add the custom “Privacy Policy” checkbox to the user registration form in WordPress. This process will be carried out using custom coding, so buckle up!

1. Hook for Adding Privacy Policy Field on the Registration Form

Note: register_form Allow rendering of new HTML element.

Paste the following code in the child theme’s functions.php file to add the Privacy Policy checkbox on the registration form.

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