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Diving in Google Drive APIs – Authentication

In this part 2 of Google Drive Series,  We are going to dig the most important and confusing concept of connecting with Google APIs. Yes, I wrote confusing because there many developers who get confused when they need to implement connectivity of their application to Google APIs. I will try to make this concept easier in this post.

I assume you have read the first part of this series and have created project in Google Developers Console and before than that have downloaded the PHP Client libraries to play with.

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Diving in Google Drive APIs

Hello developers, I know this is something other than WordPress at WPBrigade but we can’t forget the importance and usage of Google apps in WordPress community. Analytify is a one kind of WordPress plugin which uses Google Analytics APIs heavily and simplifying the life of data lovers in WordPress. It displays all the actionable Analytics in one dashboard and show you Analytics page by page. So, I have decided to start a series of blog posts on Google Drive APIs in which I will walk you through some interesting things of the Drive SDK. I will take you from the scratch and reach at a point where you will have a good knowledge of Drive SDK and can use it in your future web apps. If this series helps you in any way, shoot out  and Share it with your friends .

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