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WordPress 6.5: Powerful APIs and Better Performance

The release of WordPress 6.5 will be delayed one week and is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.

The headline feature of 6.5 is the introduction of powerful APIs, which make developing with WordPress even better. But that’s not all – there are plenty of changes that will make building and creating content on your site easier and more enjoyable. 

WordPress 6.5 Overview

Highlights of the release include:

  • Introducing the Interactivity API: A new feature allowing developers to add interactions to block frontends in a standard way.
  • Font Library: Manage fonts directly in the Editor with APIs for developers to control and adapt behavior.
  • Block Bindings API: Populate Block content with external data like post metadata or custom PHP logic.
  • Plugin Dependencies: Merged Plugin Dependencies feature plugin into Core.
  • Script Modules API: Introduces native JavaScript Module support and provides modules for use with the WordPress Interactivity API.
  • I18N Improvements: Merged Performant Translations feature plugin into Core.
  • AVIF support: Added AVIF support to WordPress 6.5.
  • Updates to HTML API: Enhanced HTML API in 6.5.

Additional Updates / Breaking Changes:

  • The Minimum MySQL version has been raised to v5.5.5.
  • PHP_CodeSniffer updated to v3.8.1.
  • PHPMailer updated to v6.9.1.
  • @wordpress/scripts version 17 no longer supports unmaintained Node.js versions. The oldest supported version is now Node.js 18.
  • For a more comprehensive overview of all changes, check out the WordPress 6.5 

Notable changes to the Plugin Directory:

  • Introducing Plugin Previews: Allows a demo of plugins via WordPress Playground.
  • New word count limits for readme.txt sections (affects a very small percentage of plugins).

Eager to explore the new features of WordPress 6.5? In this article, we’ll show you what’s new in WordPress 6.5 with details and screenshots.

Let’s dive in!

Exploring WordPress 6.5 Features & Improvements:

Interactivity API

WordPress 6.5 is bringing something exciting: the Interactivity API. This new feature allows developers to easily add interactive elements to their WordPress blocks, which is a big feature because it simplifies creating engaging user experiences. 

Additionally, the Interactivity API provides a standard way to implement various functionalities. These range from basic UI improvements like counters and pop-ups to more advanced interactions like instant searches, dynamic navigation, and even eCommerce features like carts and checkouts.

The Fonts Library

WordPress 6.5 introduced the Font Library. It allows you to manage fonts right from the editor and comes with handy APIs that allow developers to control its behavior. This addition is great because it lets you control the fonts used in your WordPress theme and throughout your website.

The Fonts Library in WordPress 6.5

Block Bindings API

Block Bindings API is a new feature that simplifies adding different kinds of data to blocks. Imagine you have a basic block in the editor. Instead of just adding regular text, you can easily bring data from other sources, like post metadata or custom PHP. Plus, you don’t need much custom code to do it! The Block Bindings API takes care of the heavy lifting for you, making the whole process easy.

You can learn more about The Block Bindings API.

Plugin Dependencies

Some WordPress plugins allow other plugins to provide specific features.

For example, a payment addon for WooCommerce requires WooCommerce to be installed.

Moreover, plugin authors can now include a “Requires Plugins” entry in the plugin header, specifying which plugins need to be installed and activated for their plugin to work correctly. Plus, you’ll also notice that you are not allowed to delete the dependency plugin unless you delete the dependent plugin.

WordPress 6.5 also introduces a new wp_plugin_dependencies_slug filter that lets you filter dependency slugs programmatically.

Plugin Dependencies in WordPress 6.5

Script Modules in WordPress 6.5

WordPress 6.5 now supports Script Modules, which are native JavaScript modules. These modules use import and export functionalities and are also known as ECMAScript Modules or “ESM”.

You can learn more about Script Modules in WordPress 6.5.

Block Editor Improvements

Most WordPress users spend time in the block editor writing content, editing pages, and creating posts.

Every time WordPress updates, the block editor improves with new features and improvements.

There are many changes in WordPress 6.5 that make writing and editing content easier for all users. 

Drop Shadow Effect

In WordPress 6.5, a new Drop Shadow effect will be added to several blocks. Here’re some of the blocks where users can use this drop shadow effect:

  • Image
  • Columns and Column
  • Buttons

To use the drop shadow effect, click on the block and find “Border & Shadow” in the Style Panel.

For further ado, see the screenshot below:

Drop Shadow Effect in WordPress 6.5

Enhanced Overlay Colors for Cover Blocks

When you use the cover block, the overlay color can be automatically selected based on the background color of the image you pick.

Enhanced Overlay Colors for Cover Blocks

Renaming Blocks in List View

In WordPress 6.4, users have the ability to rename Group blocks in the list view, making it easier to understand their contents.

Now with WordPress 6.5, this functionality is expanded, it allows users to to rename any block directly from the list view. 

For further ado, see the screenshot below:

Renaming Blocks in List View

Easier Block Settings Access

In the previous version, you must click the three dots next to a block to see its settings in the list view.

Now in WordPress 6.5, you can just right-click on any block to see its settings quickly.

Easier Block Settings Access in WordPress 6.5

Updated Preferences Panel

The preferences panel has been updated in WordPress 6.5. Now, it displays the Appearance and Accessibility panels, and previous options are better organized into categories.

Updated Preferences Panel in WordPress 6.5

Enhanced Style Revisions

When you checked style revisions in the previous version, you had to look through a timeline to see what changed.

Now, in WordPress 6.5, style revisions are simple. You’ll see a description of changes for each revision.

Enhanced Style Revisions in WordPress 6.5

Release Timeline Overview

WordPress 6.5 Beta 1 contains approximately 681 enhancements and 488 bug fixes for the editor, including about 229 tickets for WordPress 6.5 Core.

The release of WordPress 6.5 will be delayed one week and is now scheduled for release on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.

That’s all! We hope you now understand what’s new in WordPress 6.5. With new features like the Interactivity API and improved font management, creating your site is easier and more fun than ever. Plus, the updated Block Editor means you can easily customize your content. 

So, take advantage of these enhancements and make your mark in the digital world with WordPress 6.5!
And what features of WordPress 6.5 do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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