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Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins in 2023

Are your users leaving your website or blog after reading the content or blog post? Increasing page views or post views and reducing the bounce rate is one of the biggest challenges for a blogger or website owner.

The best way to keep your Blog visitors or reader engaged on your website or blog is by showing them related posts or content of your blog. This is one of the best ways to increase page views by showing the related posts or content to your website visitors.

This method also helps your users to discover content that they may not be able to find on your website or blog. There are many popular blogs and websites that are using this related posts strategy to increase the time of users on their websites or blogs.

You can easily implement this related posts strategy to your WordPress based website and blog to find related content. There are many related posts plugins for WordPress that you can use for related posts strategy and every plugin use different approaches to find the related content. Here, we are going to discuss Best WordPress Related Posts Plugins for WordPress website or blog owners to implement the related posts strategy to increase the visitor’s spend time on their website or blog content.

WordPress Related Posts Plugins

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress


Best related posts plugin for wordpress

Related posts thumbnails plugin for WordPress is one of the best related posts plugin for WordPress websites by WPBrigade that will add related posts thumbnails after the exact blog post of your blog or website. Related posts thumbnails plugin for WordPress by default use thumbnails for the first image appeared in the post generated by WordPress. But you can also specify custom thumbnail size if your website theme supports the post thumbnail feature introduced in WordPress 2.9. You can also specify a custom thumbnail field name.

In Related posts thumbnails Plugin for WordPress, you can specify the number of related posts below your blog posts. You can also specify where you want to display the related posts in your blog posts.

Related posts Thumbnail Plugin support multilingual feature plus Related post-thumbnail plugin also provide shortcode feature so you can easily display related post anywhere in your content post area.

Price: This plugin is totally free.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts plugin is one of the most popular WordPress related posts Plugin with more than 500,000 Installs. This related posts plugin supports both types of related posts display (Thumbnail and Text display).

YARPP plugin uses a built-in algorithm to find the related posts for any specific blog post. This plugin allows for thumbnails and text display, Support custom blog post types, and RSS feed display.

This plugin also provides a shortcode feature, so you can place shortcode to place the related posts anywhere in your blog posts or website pages.

Price: This plugin is available in the free version and Pro Version (Paid version)

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts is another WordPress plugin for Websites and WordPress blogs to display related posts. This plugin is trying to show related posts according to their match of content with each other.

This plugin can display related posts as thumbnails and in text form.

This plugin tries to use the images inside a post as a thumbnail when there is no featured image or post thumbnail if found.

Contextual related posts plugin provides shortcode feature means you can use shortcode anywhere in your content post to display the related posts.

Related Posts for WordPress

Related posts for WordPress plugin is one of the famous related posts plugins, offers you the ability to link the related posts to each other with just one click.

Simply you just need to install the plugin and activate the plugin related posts for WordPress and set the number of related posts you want to display in a blog post or page.

WordPress plugin for related posts

Related posts for WordPress plugin also provide an option of modifying the links means if there is any wrong link in related posts you can easily change that link or posts according to your requirements.

Related Posts for WordPress also provide a shortcode feature for their users so you can easily insert shortcode of related posts and display the related posts anywhere in the content of your post.

Inline Related Posts

Inline related posts plugin is very different from other related posts plugins in the list. This plugin will display the related posts or articles inside the content of the blog post instead of showing the related posts below the content of blog posts.Related posts plugins for wordpress

This kind of related post display is mostly used on New and other blog websites in form of paid advertisements. This type of related posts display will help you to increase the user clicks and views of your website or blog content.

This plugin also provides you the functionality of displaying the inline-related posts anywhere in your website or blog content.


Now as you can see there are many plugins to display the related posts on your wordpress website or blog post content according to your need that where you want to display these related posts in form or text and image with text.

Some of the plugins that only support inline text related post display like paid advertisement and such a type of related post display also help you to boost your website pages and blog post views.

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