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Bloggers Should Use Google+ Instead Of Facebook For Better Traffic

How many times have you seen articles on the web telling you to quit using Facebook by providing a bunch of great reasons or even Facebook alternatives. One of the best reason I would say is “Facebook is too annoying” or “Too many spammers on Facebook”. Yup! You have to agreed with me on that. Since the beginning of 2014, I have deleted my profile and everything on Facebook and moved on to Google Plus – you should too.

This is not a social network like many others available out there, Google launched this site to helps people promote brands better as well as posts on their blog without letting everyone else feels annoyed or being spammed.


google-plus-logoWhy Google+ is Good for SEO?

Right from the start, Google has announced that they will be syncing all of their services with Google plus to increase interoperability, YouTube  for exmaple. That’s why many experts stated that if the article is shared on Google+ many times it will rank higher. However, Google could let their single page rank better than the original post, but still traffic is going up.

Don’t panic yet, just because the post from Google+ have better position on search result than the actual website doesn’t mean you won’t get the traffic. Thus we can say that, if you want to get clicks from Google+ page don’t try to spam it because it will not bring any positive results in the future. Try to have targeted users follow you and your page.

What else can you do?

If you are a beginner to Google+ site, here are some of the most important things you should consider doing first before anything else.

  • Create a fanpage or you can called it branding page on Google Plus.
  • Add +1 button on every of your posts
  • Add Google Authorship & Publisher to your page (dead!)
  • Update your profile daily
  • Use the right hashtag and don’t spam
  • Add Google+ Comments to your site
  • Join Communities that fit your niche

What are you looking at? Start building a powerful Google+ profile now in order to gain as much visitors to your website as you can and also increase your sales if you have your own business. I wish you the best and hope that you now have better reason to give up Facebook.

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