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20 Years of WordPress

Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress: Empowering Websites Worldwide

Let’s celebrate WordPress as it reaches its 20th anniversary on May 27, 2023!

It started as a basic blogging platform and has now become a powerful system for creating and managing websites. WordPress has completely transformed the way we build and handle websites.

As we honor this significant milestone, we want to thank all the incredible WordPress users, developers, and contributors who have made this journey remarkable. The WordPress community has grown into a lively environment of imagination, innovation, and teamwork, and we are proud to be a part of it.

What to Expect From WordPress in 2023?

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WordPress 5.6 Update December 2020, WordPress 5.6 update, WordPress 5.5 Update, WordPress 5.6 "Simone" Update December 2020

WordPress 5.6 “Simone” Update December 2020

WordPress 5.6 “Simone” Update December 2020 will make the jQuery Helper plugin useless which means that some websites may break again. Here, we are going to discuss the WordPress 5.6 “Simone” Update December 2020.

WordPress 5.5 update was released in August 2020 and after the update, millions of websites across the Internet were broken. Now, get ready for the new WordPress 5.6 update on December 2020 has the potential to do the same thing as WordPress 5.5 update did.

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wordcamp kathmandu 2017 Speaker badge, wordcamp 2017 at kathmandu

My first WordCamp talk

I was following WordPress Community of Nepal on twitter since they had their first WordCamp in 2012 and was already impressed by them but when I visited I could easily see the impact of last 5 years of establishing the community there.

They had WordCamp Kathmandu now instead of Nepal, as there are a couple of others meetups groups established like WordPress Pokhara. Yes, I was invited to their monthly meet up as well after my WordCamp talk.

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startup school by y combinator, Y combinator startup school

WPBrigade graduated from Y Combinator’s Startup School

Before I begin one of the positive note of my life and company’s achievement at y combinator startup school, there must be quotes that why it was necessary for us.

Like many other startup schools, Y Combinator’s Startup School is designed as a free online platform for newly launched businesses and people having entreprenerd ideas to excel in the business world. Globally it is recognized for accelerating the topnotch business to launch including Reddit and Dropbox  etc.

Y Combinator’s Startup School For WPBrigade

I’m very happy to announce that We have been graduated from Y Combinator Startup School 2017 batch. It is a big moment for us, no doubt. We focused on our product LoginPress during the startup school.

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Google Plus, Google+, G Plus

Bloggers Should Use Google+ Instead Of Facebook For Better Traffic

How many times have you seen articles on the web telling you to quit using Facebook by providing a bunch of great reasons or even Facebook alternatives. One of the best reason I would say is “Facebook is too annoying” or “Too many spammers on Facebook”. Yup! You have to agreed with me on that. Since the beginning of 2014, I have deleted my profile and everything on Facebook and moved on to Google Plus – you should too.

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