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How To Find Your Purchase Code From CodeCanyon Or Themeforest?

As we all know CodeCanyon is basically a platform of selling and purchasing of codes and plugins, supported by  Envato Market to back the programming enthusiasts for their love of coding. And if you have used CodeCanyon for buying something cool, you would be looking to track your purchase for sure.

Don’t worry, It’s very easy to find your purchase code  for codecanyon.  Just go to

You will see your all downloaded items. see Next to your item, there is a download button.

You will click on the “License certificate & purchase code” option. This will download a txt file. Within this text file, you will find the license information for the product, including the purchase code (like below)

Item Purchase Code: de4d99d8-Iam-code-d066d1acd5a3

The purchase code can be then copy paste  to send this for validating your purchase and so it can be added for you to Support forums.


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