how to check a specific plugin is activated or not

How to check a specific plugin is activated or not ?

While working on the EDD (Easy Digital Downloads) add-on of Analytify, I was looking for a way to check if the Easy Digital Downloads plugin is already activated or not. So, a message should appear to our users that “They should Activate Easy Digital Downloads to make the Analytify for EDD work properly.

Almost every plugin has a class name, we can use the PHP functionclass_exists‘ to know if it exists or not. Following is the code which can be used to check a plugin is activate or not.

add_action( 'admin_notices', array(
public function analytify_edd_plugin_notices() {

if( !class_exists( 'Easy_Digital_Downloads' ) )
echo "<div class="error">" . __( "Easy Digital Downloads is not active. So, Analytify for EDD Add-on will not work properly.", 'wp-analytify' )."</div>";


If you know any other way to achieve the same task, do let us know.  Thanks.

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