Genesis Framework is the best SEO framework for WordPress, Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is the best SEO framework for WordPress?

My experience with StudioPress’s Genesis Framework wasn’t really that worth it until one of my sites got about 300 visitors when the day before that it only received 100-200 visits. I started to wonder why this happened by looking for new Google Updates. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any at that time but I found a post by Yoast about how some themes can hurt your SEO. That got me to worry because I didn’t really check or go through some process to see if my theme, which is a Genesis child theme at that time, could bring my blog down or not. With a little help from few friends, I finally solved it and here I’m explaining to you why the Genesis Framework is super search engine friendly.

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Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

The Importance of Having Related Posts in WordPress

Often you visit a website and at the end of the article there is a list of related posts or sometimes you can already see it right on top of the page & also the bottom too. Its purpose is to help you explore more contents on that website instead of leaving after reading just the first post. See! that could be a great strategy everyone should use right now if you haven’t done so. But that’s not it, we still have more for you. And if you are all set to boom the traffic at your website, without having headaches while putting codes for WordPress related posts, then you are at perfect place to know about WordPress related posts plugins. Whose sole part is to keep visitors engaged in reading the stuff at your website.

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WordPress Plugins slowing down your website

Which WordPress Plugins are Slowing Down your Website?

Have you ever heard of the term “Less is More”? This is one of my favorite terms that I always applied to web designing and my own blog, especially when it’s running on the WordPress platform. The reason behind that is having only one or two main plugins will help my website run way faster without doing optimization.

Before building a website, it must be a priority that it has to be fast loading and not cracking up on different devices. In order to do this, it must be noted that the major reason slowing down a WordPress website are always the two: the Web Hosting and the bad plugins. It is because the when your web hosting server is not properly configured it will damage the loading speed of the pages of your WordPress website and then comes the few plugins which are poorly coded resulting in hurting the speed of WordPress websites to give you pain! I am sure the question of a lot people is answered here that do plugins slow down WordPress site? Yes,  they can down the WordPress site for you despite of making them happening.

However, not a lot of people understand that and they just keep on installing as many plugins as they can without knowing that it will slow down their site and also takes up too many resources from the hosting provider.

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