The Importance of Having Related Posts in WordPress

Often you visit a website and at the end of the article there is a list of related posts or sometimes you can already see it right on top of the page & also the bottom too. Its purpose is to help you explore more contents on that website instead of leaving after reading just the first post. See! that could be a great strategy everyone should use right now if you haven’t done so. But that’s not it, we still have more for you.

Why do we need related posts plugin for WordPress

Having related posts is not only help readers easily find the content relevant to the article they are reading, but it also helps us improve internal links, decrease bounce rate, and have more page views. You’ll see the number of views increase significantly as the to display related posts on the blog. However, if you have it show up in the normal way, then it won’t increase much. Therefore you should be adding eye-catching thumbnail to it, and in this article I would like to briefly introduce to you a few good one.

Top 3 Related Posts plugins you should use

1. Related Posts Thumbnails


Although it seems like this plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years, I’m sure it will still get the job done. You can customize the thumbnail size and reduced the number of characters to display, quite easy to use, and it has similar style as to Mashable.

2. Related Posts by Zemanta


If you want more freedom to customize your related posts, you can choose  unrelated Content, it’ll give you 14 different types of style from horizontal to vertical. However, its main disadvantage is the plugin uses an external API, which means depending on the search algorithm on all relevant its hosting server and not yours, so it will takes sometime before things start to display.

3. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin


Just because I didn’t mention this plugin first doesn’t mean I forget about it. YARPP is currently the top WordPress related posts with over 2M downloads. Just like the other, it supports thumbnail and also textual display and really easy to decorate.

Hopefully, through out the whole article you understand why it’s important to have related posts on your blog. If you are not happy about the list above, please check out WordPress Widgets on Codecanyon.


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