How to create Facebook App and get App ID and secret?

Step 1:

Go to Facebook Developers section and login to your Facebook account, if you are not logged in already. This should not be your business account.

Step 2:

If you are here (at Facebook Developer section) first time, you will require to “Register as a Developer” (If you have already done this, skip this step and move to step 3). Click “Register” button.

If any model about privacy appeasr you must accept the privacy policy

And Facebook may ask for some personal information

Next, you will be shown a message

After clicking Done, you will be redirected to the Apps page.

Step 3:

Click My Apps and then click “Add New App” link

Step 4:

Enter the name of your app in Display Name option ( it’s recommended to enter your website or company name in this field), enter your Contact Email and click Create App ID button

Then click skip because we don’t need any special integration.

Finally, the app created and you will be redirected to app home page.

Step 5:

Just copy the Facebook App and Secret from Settings > Basic section in the left sidebar and paste in the Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret in advance tab settings.


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